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Announcing a new journal article on Twitter

Obviously the importance of Twitter in science communication has increased over the last years. But this holds not only true for scientific organizations (like the University of Vienna or the FWF), but also for individual scientists. Could there be a better place to announce a new journal publication to peers these days? One current student of STS in Vienna has recently posted this on Twitter:

(Screenshot Backup of Tweet:)
Here I think the practice of tagging people in the responses below the tweet is an interesting ‘act of communicating science’ to specific people.


By Timo

Timo is a master student of 'Science-Technology-Society' at the University of Vienna. Before this he graduated in business information management, worked at IBM and studied sociology. In addition to his current studies he works as a teaching assistant for the lecture 'Theory and History of Science' at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna.

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