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Symposia and the exchange of ideas

In the following talk (facilitaed by the “Shut Up and Contemplate” symposium) Max Fochler talks about some STS perspectives on the topic of the symposium: Source:

Interview Science communication

Scientists and facts

In the following interview with the German newspaper ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ virologist Christian Drosten talks about his (new) role as an expert in times of Corona. Some of his statements are quite remarkable from an STS perspective. Unfortunately the inerview is in German:

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Universities and their distributed expertise

The following screenshot shows a newsletter sent by the University of Vienna (in German). It highlights the high competence of researchers of the university and their distributed expertise in various areas affected by the coronavirus: The newsletter links to the following (also German) dossier on their website:

Science communication Tweet

Corona and expertise

I think the following tweet can be seen as a form of science communication. It is maybe more a form of ‘inner’ science communication, where one political scientist makes clear who experts are on the topic of Corona and who should not say something about it: (Screenshot Backup of Tweet:)